Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Heart Quilt

My daughter had one big wish for her Big Birthday.  Corina had been a devoted participant and master seamstress on all of our Chimayo Friendship Quilts for I don't know how many of our grandkids, twenty maybe.  Her son's, twelve years ago, was the first time we stepped back in as grandmothers to celebrate our kids' kids.  I was so shy to start up the tradition that I only invited nine people to sew, a wallhanging more than a bed covering.

So when Corina asked, how could we refuse, even though we took a side trip to make a beautiful healing wall hanging for Jessica, on the mend from major health issues.  Corina wanted a quilt, but when expressing it out loud to Willa realized Jessica was a priority.  So we rallied for both of them and I must say, they were a total success.   24 people contributed to Team Jess's efforts and the same number for Corina's all hearts all the time quilt.  Corina thought a theme for this community art project would be interesting and challenged us to incorporate a heart in every ten inch square.

Highlights include a beaded anatomical heart by Lyssa Elder, a real museum quality piece.  Willa Roberts, who is a self avowed couch surfer in New York right now, managed an intricate batik that would make any batik artist proud. The kids' former grade school teacher, Julia Hudson, from the John Hyson School where she taught for 40 years, made her square represent the entrance to the school where Corina, Jess, and a slew of others attended.  Julia stayed for the day!  All of us expressed our love for Corina, for each other, and for this project that is decades deep.  Here is her quilt. I can't find Jessica's right now.

 People came and went all day so I don't have a good group shot, but I counted 26 in and out of my house this Sunday.

People ask me what I am up to.  With my family of twelve and these little projects I organize at the house, I really stay out of most mischief.  I like any day I don't get in my car, and so give a holler and come visit. Y'all.

I'll be part of a group reading Friday, May 30th at 6:00 at the New Mexico History Museum.  There will be five of us, two friends and two poets new to me.  Come one come all.  Let's launch summer.