Thursday, August 5, 2010

Staying Home so I can Wax Poetic or Wax the car

After a day at Ghost Ranch where I taught at my friends Dona Bolding and Susan Weber's Writing, Hiking, and Yoga class, i was so totally wiped out that the beauty of the cliffs as seen through my rose colored PL glasses almost did me in. I made it home and slept about 11 hours. Today, instead of being the perky run-around PL, I stayed home. Well, I did go for a swim at the EspaƱola pool and see my old pal, Stella, from Walgreens. Stella does not know she is in a poem in my book Rice. I don't think I will tell her, a girl needs her secrets.
I spent today typing up my poems for our next Tres Chicas Books book, Greatest Hits: Love & Death. I hope we can keep the ampersand. I am partial to them. Typing up all the love poems of my life is curious. marriage is the background music to various crushes, old loves, and flights of fancy. I hesitate to use the word "drone" to refer to marriage because you'll take it the wrong way. The great Ravi Shankar would know what I mean, that underlying resonance that makes it all possible.
Then I wonder about great loves I have held that were way more about my psychology than about another person. I am having a love connection with myself which is totally focused on another human. I like the book Invisible Partners by John Stanford.
It is required reading before you read my poems. I got about 23 pages typed, and look forward to typing more and learning more about who I was 30 years back. I like my writing, I was very precise and the use of imagery is something I could learn something from. I mean something from which I could learn.

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