Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dang Happy

Bill Hutchinson said, "Happiness is a fragment of your imagination."  Figment, right, it was figment.  But I am experimenting with happiness, trying it on for size.  I remember a therapist advised that I buy the Dahli Lama's book called Happiness. I bought it and thought, so what's this all about?  How does this relate to me?  I wonder if I can read it now, I certainly had no interest ten years ago.

For instance today, we walked down the road and though the only yesterday insane yellow glow of the cottonwoods was finished off by the frost, how happy was I?

Pretty darn or dang as the cowboys are wont to say. Dang happy.  I want to invite everybody over.  Really, if you are my friend come on down.  The only thing is I am not cooking much.  I am taking a hiatus from big time cooking and this week only made two large zucchini breads from the Espa Farmer's Market, chicken with garden roots, the last gazpacho of summer and maybe the best, and another soup.

That is me not cooking, oh and the cottage cheese pancakes on Sunday morning, but Sunday morning doesn't count.  Today I have "Joan and the Giant Pencil" l with Jeremy Bleich at Turquoise Trail Elementary.  I love doing this little performance with 20 poems set to music.  If you want to hear a sample of Jeremy, my first blog entry has some with my photo.  Also the group Medjool.  Get their CD and swoon.  ANyhow, I have to eat some of my "non cooking" and head on in.  A beautiful day to try on happiness, just don't use a three way mirror as I did at Penny's yesterday.  

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