Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back in the Poetic Saddle

The official beginning of everything 2011 is here. Let me start with a poem from student Hallie Burton
of Julie Hasted's poetry class this fall at Santa Fe High. In this class we talked about whether poetry came from the outer world or the inner world.  Then we went on to talk about what is outer and what is inner.  Amazingly, nobody mentioned the natural world in this discussion, so Julie and I had to throw that one into the mix.  With her permission one of the many outstanding poets:

Living Who I've Been

I've lived as flowers
Roses, Daisies, Lilies
I've raised my petals to the sun
And soaked up its nutrients
But with no mouth,
I couldn't taste it.
I've been every color imaginable
From the palest white,
To the darkest black.
But with no eyes
I couldn't see them.
I've been a woman's perfume,
A man's cologne,
An herbal garden,
I made these scents
But with no nose
I couldn't smell them.
I've lived with my roots firmly in the ground
Holding me lovingly
Standing me tall
But with no will of my own
I'm no one at all.

By Hallie Burton

I think the question of will is the big one for New Years. The outer world helps me so much with will
as I am asked to do things, or I ask if I may, and then I find my will is amazing and on task. Dreams also get my attention and in winter as I hibernate, they kick in as fuel for the writing.  Left to my own devices, I am the poster child for breaking resolutions, so I tend not to resolve.  Luckily my love of poetry and of passing it along to others of all ages is beyond discipline and into delight.  The kind of will and discipline I have is the disciple variety, I'm on an irresistible path.  So, back in the saddle, ready to write.  If I still had a horse, I'd ride too.

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