Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Around

Here's what's next on my Living La Vida Local

It has been one year since I got bit by the Poet Laureate Bug, and a fine year in so many ways.
I am in gratitude for this chance to shine up my silver jewelry and swan around Santa Fe until my friends can barely see me for the glow of words, ego, sunset, kids' eyes glinting with poetry,the reverb of poetry in the cottonwoods, the smoke alas the smoke, the prayers for rain heading up into the clouds if only the clouds could hear, and gratitude all around. I do feel a bit transparent with my experimental happiness.

What I love about Santa Fe and staying put in northern New Mexico for 38 years is that almost every place I go I am at home and I see a friend. I ran into Gary Brower and Kenneth Gurney at the Range in Bernalillo a ways back. Maybe they were conspiring to create their two fine literary magazines, Malpais and Adobe Walls. Michael Namingha is everywhere, the quintessential man about town and I am always happy to see him. Sunny Smyth is selling glimmering glass on the Plaza. Camilla Trujillo is in the Española Pool and then Spanish Market, and today my Lamaze teacher from 1974 recognizes me at the same pool. When I go out I sometimes wonder, what angels will I meet today. Anyhow, local is us this season and here's my latest calendar for summer and>>>>>>>>>>

Living La Vida Local

July 4, Monday @ 10:15, Santa Fe Plaza Pancake breakfast on the Santa Fe Plaza, I’ll be reading from Poet Laureate poems

July 14, Santa Fe Children’s Museum, Celebrating the Art of Poetry, 1:00-5:00 PM, bookmaking, writing poems, haiku AND “Joan and the Giant Pencil” with original composition by Jeremy Bleich on trash can lid, guitar, toy instuments, and poetry 2:00, all welcome by museum admission. Though it is a show for kids, I think any poet friend would love it. I love the poems and the music so much.

July 23rd, Saturday @ noon, On Women’s Focus with Carol Boss for Tres Chicas Books with Miriam Sagan and Renée Gregorio.
July 24, Sunday @ 3:oo PM, Acequia Books, 4019 4th St. NW, Albuquerque, 505-890-5365. Reading from Love & Death: Greatest Hits with Miriam Sagan and Renée Gregorio

July 28th, Thursday at 7:00, SOMOS reading at The Harwood Museum, Taos, Love & Death: Greatest Hits, with Miriam Sagan and Renée Gregorio

August 18, 7 PM. Four Writers Writing The Landscape Authors Lauren Camp, Joan Logghe, Anne Hillerman and David Grant Noble
at New Mexico Public Lands Information Center, 301 Dinosaur Trail, Santa Fe, 877-276-9404, free
September 25-October 1, Ghost Ranch, Poetry Alchemy leading to the Days of Awe, or 505-685-4333

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