Friday, July 16, 2010

The Poet Laureate Diet

I told my co-publishers at Tres Chicas Books meeting yesterday that people were being so nice to me. Even people who don't like me are excited for me. Why they don't like me I'm not sure. But everyone is being nice. Miriam kept saying "Dos Chicas" during our meeting. I hope they don't dump me for being pre-occupied as I try to land on my Laureate feet, and get my sea legs in a land locked city. Miriam Sagan gave me a long cut velvet wrap which at 98 degrees I may not have been properly excited about, but will be lovely in the winter. I will go all Anne Waldman.
Miriam's late husband, the lovely Robert Winson, once said as he put me on his KSFR radio show, "I'll make you Adrienne Rich." he was very supportive of his friends' art. But I asked him if he could make me Anne Waldman instead. I like her sense of style.
My friend Barbara Davilman liked my idea of the Poet Laureate Diet. I did have a few bon bons today and will try for bon mots tomorrow. Basically, I am so happy, despite this world and three deaths this week, and all that, that I expect weight may just leave the premises. If it doesn't , I will be carrying happy weight like water retention in a dry climate.
The Passing of the Pencil Ceremony*******
Come to the Santa Fe Plaza on Mpnday at 7:00 for ten minutes, I promise. The bands are good, I checked with musician friends and David Lescht wouldn't let us down. Thank you, David. I am writing poems too, and will read my favorite one on Monday. Valerie Martinez will be there and Gabriela Ortiz, a young poet I have worked with two years at the Santa Fe Girls' School will read her Ars Poetica (The Art of Poetry). Incase I don't get to I want to thank the Santa Fe Arts Commission, especially Sabrina Pratt,
Kathleen Mccloud of the pencil, and my dear friend, Bob Chavez, photographer and pedicab driver.

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